Imran Siddiq Writer (@Flickimp):

5 years ago I started to write again, and I wish I had met Su then. Why? Because last week she reminded me of blatant rules of grammar and writing style that I had forgotten. Her words are honest. And I needed that. I don't someone to be nice to me if I have made fundamental errors in writing. Su doesn't hold back, and you shouldn't be afraid to use the comments to improve yourself. I have improved. Not perfect. But a hell-whole-lot better.

There are lots of editors out there, but I strongly recommend Su for her timeliness and her fantastic approach of reporting back to you. She gives advice, commentary, and will sometimes offer the words you need. Hey - like she says, she won't rewrite your novel.

Try her edit...the first 4 pages will highlight your issues and from there you can work on your MS. But a dedicated editor like her for your entire MS could make the difference. When i read the changes I am making now... I feel good ... Cue James Brown. I am a writer.

And having a good editor who can critique ... well that's priceless.
September 8, 2011

Amber F Brockman

Hello, everyone. I've initially hired Su for a full edit thinking that my book was almost ready to be published. Boy, was I wrong. Just after reading a few pages, she emailed saying that my book was not ready to be fully edited but needed to be revised. Under her advice, I went with her beta reading service which cost only a fraction compared to the full edit. And her feedback was right on the nose. She pointed out things that everyone in my critique group have missed. Beyond her skills, I think Su stands out from the rest of the editors because of her honesty. I now realize that she could have easily taken the money and edited my book, and I really appreciate she didn't. So thank you, Su. I will contact you again when my "revision" is complete.
September 8, 2011

Amy Eyrie

Having worked as an editor in the UK and been a contributing writer for different magazines, I expect a lot from an editor. I also know that an editor is extremely important. For writers, an editor may be the most important person you'll ever know.

After experiencing Su's blog posts and lightning fast wit on twitter, I sent her a novel in progress. I was amazed and delighted to find that Su was everything I had hoped, a sharp and incisive editor with a passion for story. Great writers need great editors. I found Su's knowledge of the craft of writing, skillful communication and intuitive grasp of the market to be invaluable.

Su is the kind of editor who can whip a project into shape.
September 9, 2011


I took advantage of Su's beta reading service and found that her feedback was both useful and accurate. Even from the small sample that she reviewed I was able to hone in on issues throughout my manuscript and I now feel that I have a better handle on the things I was doing wrong. Her direct approach was welcome and something that allowed her to deliver her message in a way that was unambiguous. In short my work will be better for her involvement and I would not hesitate to recommend her beta reading services to anyone who is serious about becoming a better writer.
September 14, 2011

Clara Ballintyne

Su did a line edit on my short story. Even though there were no plot/pacing/characterisation issues etc. to consider (although she did point out one) my story came back to me covered in red scribble. This is not unusual for a line edit, where it's the editor's job to, line by line, restructure the story to make it better.

I couldn't even begin to tell you how valuable this was. Su helped me to see the repetitious patterns in my story, not in actual word use or plot events, but in sentence structure, and how I fell into a pattern of using the same structure over and over again. When she showed me this, and how I could change them to make them better, I immediately saw what she meant. She didn't try to dictate what changes must be made, only helped me to see the problem, and how to fix it, without stifling my creativity. She gave examples to highlight her meaning, but they were examples only and I was encouraged to find alternative (and possibly better) solutions.

I never in a million years would have seen this for myself. My offline crit group had talked about varying sentence structure but no one there had spotted my habits. I needed an editor to point this out to me so that I can improve it. I've taken Su's advice and applied it to my novel manuscript as well as the short story she reviewed. I have no hesitation in recommending Su. Hers was the best feedback I've had in years, helping me to take that next step in my craft, and her service was fast, detailed and efficient.
October 5, 2011

Cathy V.

I hired Su after I've been following her for 7 months. I wasn't sure if I needed a professional edit since I've already had several requests from the literary agents. But when all of them rejected after reading my MS, I knew I had to take this to another level.

I can say that I am truly grateful for her edit. She took my 88,000-word novel and turned it into a polished piece in just 5 weeks. It turned out that I needed a complete redo. She sent my MS back to me just after 4 weeks with every single page marked up with comments. I took additional 7 weeks completely rewriting it using her markups. Then I turned it in again for her to edit and proofread, which took less than a week. I can say that it was the best $1200 I have ever spent since I began writing. I am optimistic that on this round of querying, I will be ready with the best possible MS should they request it. Su, thank you. Thank you so much for helping me see the light. Even if this MS doesn't get published, I now have the skills to write and self edit, thanks to you. I will recommend you to every writer who is in need of one. For you're one of the greatest editors out there. Wish me luck!
December 4, 2011

Melinda C.

Su, thanks for the fantastic job you've done editing my novella. You've gone above and beyond what I expected of an editor. I feel you sincerely wanted me to become a better writer as part of the process. When I received my manuscript after the substantive edit, it had an incredible mass of red markings. But it was all such great advice aimed at my specific weaknesses. I didn't get depressed, I just knew that I'd hired the right person. After that stage, I took a while to get my ms back to you, but I was undergoing a writing growth spurt as a direct result of your editing. I learned more during these few weeks than I did over the last couple of years. It's affected all areas of my writing. I already know I will spend far less hours in the middle drafts of my next project due to my progress. I can see the monumental improvement in my manuscript, and I have confidence in the polished, professional final that I have now. The prose is efficient, the pace is strong, and I couldn't consider for a moment that my previous draft was anywhere near this good. Choosing to work with you was the best thing for my book. The edits you've made and the wisdom you've shared will massively enhance the reader's experience of my story. This is invaluable to me.

Thanks, Su. You've not only transformed my manuscript, you've transformed me as a writer!
April 8, 2012