Full (Substantive) Edit

The full edit is a combination of substantive editing and copy editing. It's a two-step process that focuses on spotting structural issues within the story such as plot, pacing, voice, character development, and fact-checking. The first step provides in-depth, line-by-line markups and comments, which will guide you through your revision. After the necessary revisions are made, resubmit the final draft of the manuscript for a copy edit. Please note that my service does not include a rewrite (also known as ghost-writing or co-authoring). Although I will offer alternative words and sentences as possible replacements, they're only suggestions. After all, I'm an editor, and the writer's discretion will produce the end result.

Copy Edit

Copy editing, also known as proofreading, is a one-step process editing. Unlike substantive editing, it's purely objective, technical editing, so it does not address any creative writing issues. Instead, it focuses on correction of misspelling, typos, grammar, misuse of words, and syntax errors. The standard manuscript formatting is applied for font, spacing, margins, etc. All corrections are applied directly onto the manuscript with or without comments on the side.

Query Letter Package

The Query Letter Package includes critique and edit for a query letter, 1-page synopsis, 2-3-page synopsis (some agencies require different lengths). It's a 2-step process as in the full edit. First, I will critique and return the first draft. When you have revised them, you resubmit for a full, final edit.